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Big Movies

If you would like to be an A-level movie collector, you have to fill your DVD shelf with only the biggest and best movies ever produced. Even if there are already numerous B-movies created for public viewing, classic and well-made A-movies always stand out and provide more viewing pleasure. A-movies or big movies are the standard of all other films and are often worthy of being watched.

What are big movies?

Big movies are high-budget films. The term "big movies" or "A-movies" dates back from the time of the Great Depression when movie goers watched two consecutive movies for the price of one. The first movie to be shown is the low-budget "B-movie", while the main attraction is the "A-movie". Two consecutive movies were shown during the Great Depression so people would continue to watch films. The term "A-movie" is just carried over and is used today to refer to better-quality films. Some examples of big movies are The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Star Wars Trilogy.

Who makes big movies?

People who make big movies are experts in film making and and those who use millions of dollars to create such movies. Some of the more popular directors of big movies are Peter Jackson, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Mel Gibson, Quentin Tarantino, Ang Lee and Larry and Andy Wachowski.

Who watches big movies?

While many movie lovers watch big movies, the ones who are somehow obliged to do so are movie critics, film directors, actors, actresses, producers, and other people in the film industry. Film teachers and film students are also required to watch some big movies because these are helpful in classroom discussions.

Why do people make big movies?

One reason filmmakers create big movies is to express their artistic and creative perspectives of various stories. Another reason is that filmmakers also need and want to make money by using their expertise. Filmmakers create big movies to develop their skills, contribute to the movie industry and make great names for themselves.

Why should people watch big movies?

People should watch big movies because they are among the best that the industry offers. Big movies are also more than just entertaining. Most are educational and rich in artistic elements.

Where are big movies sold?

Big movies are sold in video stores, specialty shops and shopping websites.